Advertising on Hold

Advertising on hold works because it targets a very specific demographic, a group of people who are very interested in your products and services, a group that wants to give you their money: Your customers! Don’t waste this prime sales opportunity.

Overhead Music

Create an atmosphere in your environment using overhead music from Captive Audience. You’ll be able to access over 600,000 business approved songs that will soothe and entertain your customers and clients.

Digital Signage

Create a splash, promote your products and get the right kind of attention in your store or office using digital signage. Captive Audience will get your message across with attractive digital video and signage.

Video Production

Whether it’s on your web site or YouTube, tell your story with video that communicates with your web visitors directly. Video is really the best way to get your message across, short of walking in your door.

Voice Production

How you sound to your customers is very important. How you speak to your customers on the phone, on your web site, or in your radio or TV commercial, all have an effect on your business. When a recorded voice is what you need, put your best foot forward with a voice from Captive Audience.

Web Sites

When clients and customers look you up on the web, make sure your message is current, and clear. Let Captive Audience help you put a web site together that tells your story.